What We're About

Local Artist, Celeste Gyarmati

"How can I give back locally and help others across the world?"​ 

We need to ask ourselves this every day.

Artist, Celeste Gyarmati was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta with strong ties to many of the diverse communities in Calgary and surrounding area. Celeste has always been passionate about helping others and advocating for people in a way that reflects kindness and compassion. Celeste's passion and creativity are expressed in a way that is distinctly unique and has motivated her to develop the Made it With Love Initiative.

Celeste's artistic innovation is portrayed through her various artistic outlets including her handmade mobiles are best described as art pieces that fit comfortably in many diverse settings. These include the home, the office or the bedroom of your child. Celeste's artistic motivations are infused with color and authentic environmental themes that are conveyed in all of her creations. Celeste's academic background specialized in arts and science which was cultivated by her connection to understanding the human body. Celeste's question that continues to drive her motivation for developing beautiful things is, "how can I give back locally and then help others across the world?"​

our purpose

our creative purpose is to provide unique art design and creations while creating revenue for local communities, business and third world groups; through purchasing beads, materials and re-purposed designs for re-sale though Made It With Love creations. 

what we're doing to give back

Locally - Made It With Love is set to purchase 85% of its material from local artists and retailers in 2016. With this we hope to bring back revenue into our Calgary communities and businesses.

Globally - Made It With Love is set to purchase 15% of its material or other organizations and communities both nationally and internationally in 2016. We hope to grow this number exponentially over the years and not only provide revenue but the necessary requirement for basic life needs.